The ESMF organization is described in the 2020-2025 Project Plan. This page includes a brief overview of the organizational bodies.

Executive Management

The Executive Board is the primary management body of the ESMF. It sets the goals, scope, and strategic direction of the Project as a whole, and provides technical and scientific guidance on practical matters as they arise. Its membership consists of leads from ESMF’s collaborating organizations: NASA, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NCAR, and the National Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC).

The Interagency Working Group (IAWG) provides a forum for ESMF stakeholder agencies to interact on a regular basis regarding the vision, goals, and progress of the ESMF effort as they relate to each agency’s mission and plans. IAWG membership consists of program managers from ESMF’s funding partners, currently including NASA, NOAA, U.S. Navy, and NCAR.

Working Project

The Core Team is the part of the ESMF project responsible for implementing the framework software and maintaining the collaboration environment. The Core Team consists of software developers, testers, administrative staff, user support and training staff, web developers, and the Core Team Manager.

The Joint Specification Team (JST) is a group of active users that interact with the Core Team and the broader community, providing requirements and feedback for the ESMF software interface.

The Change Review Board (CRB) prioritizes tasks and prepares a Core Team development schedule, and plans, authorizes, and reviews the content of ESMF releases. The CRB is populated with application developers representing agency and institutional stakeholders of the ESMF project.

The Content Standards Committee (CSC) is the primary committee responsible for evolving and expanding interoperability standards for the NUOPC partners.

The Model Component Liaison (MCL) Committee is a subcommittee of the CSC charged with advancing the readiness and reliability of components that have standard NUOPC Layer interfaces.

ESMF Organizational Structure
The ESMF organization consists of a Working Project and Executive Management. Typical timescales of interaction are shown in the red ovals.