ESMPy is a Python interface to the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) regridding utility. Click here for more information on ESMF regridding options, most of which are supported in ESMPy.

ESMPy provides a Grid to represent single-tile logically rectangular coordinate data, a Mesh for unstructured coordinates, and a LocStream for collections of unconnected points like observational data streams. ESMPy supports bilinear, nearest neighbor, higher order patch recovery, first-order conservative and second-order conservative regridding. There is also an option to ignore unmapped destination points and mask out points on either the source or destination. Regridding on the sphere takes place in 3D Cartesian space, so the pole problem is not an issue as it commonly is with some Earth system grid remapping software. Grid and Mesh objects can be created in 2D or 3D space, and 3D conservative regridding is fully supported.

Download and Install

Download and installation information are available in the ESMPy documentation.


  • Latest release - html, pdf
  • Develop branch - html, pdf
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