3 Collaboration Environment and Communication

3.1 Mailing Lists

The main ESMF technical mailing list is:

This list handles telecon announcements, technical questions and comments, discussions and materials relating to design and code reviews, planning discussions, project announcements, and any other items that concern the JST.

The list for active ESMF developers is:

This list is for people who are developing code and checking it into the ESMF repository. Mails here may cover coordination issues relating to check-ins and releases, technical material that is not yet ready for the JST, and information specific to NCAR and particular development platforms.

Support questions should be directed to:

The Users tab on the ESMF website describes how to submit an effective support request and outlines the ESMF support policy.

People who are interested in occasional high-level project updates can join the mailing list:

Subscribers to this list receive more or less quarterly newletters describing ESMF achievements and events.

To subscribe to any of these lists on-line, see the Users tab on the ESMF website.

3.2 Meetings and Telecons

ESMF JST telecons are held as needed, typically on a weekly basis. Normal telecon times are 1:00pm MT Thursdays, and sometimes Tuesdays. A calendar of telecon topics is maintained on the home page of the ESMF website. These telecons are open and are announced to the list.

The Core Team meets weekly, at 9:30am MT on Wednesdays. The meeting is also set up as a telecon. Core Team meetings are open to active developers.

The ESMF project has open community meetings on an annual basis, usually during late spring.

CRB meetings are held quarterly and are closed. However, prior to each CRB meeting a JST telecon is devoted to collecting comments, requirements, and priorities from JST members for consideration by the CRB.

3.3 GitHub Open Source Development Environment

The ESMF project utilizes the GitHub open source development environment. It provides a variety of tools as well as web-browsable repositories.

3.3.1 The Main ESMF Site and Repository

The main ESMF GitHub site is at:

This site is accessible from the ESMF website, via either the Developers link or the GitHub logo on the navigation bar. It is used for

The source code and tools on this site are maintained by the ESMF Core Team, and contributions and changes cannot be made to them without coordination with the Core Team.

The main ESMF Git repository is web-accessible at:

The GitHub site has instructions for checking out code.

All ESMF documents, source code and test and other scripts are stored in the main repository.

The GitHub repository contains only the ESMF framework. Components that use ESMF are stored in repositories at their home institutions.

Contributors in the broader community can use this site to archive and share code related to ESMF. Coordination is not required with the ESMF Core Team in order to check into the contributions repository.