1 Introduction

1.1 About this Document

The Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF) Software Developer's Guide, or simply the Guide, is the reference handbook that describes the practices, standards, and conventions recommended for ESMF core software development. It is updated as needed.

Suggestions on how to improve the Guide should be sent to

1.2 Supplementary Information

An important source of supplementary information is the ESMF website:
This website is referred to throughout the Guide. It includes a link to the ESMF CVS repository, the current release schedule, task lists, and many other types of project information.

The Guide doesn't contain instructions on how to build ESMF, adapt user codes for ESMF, or use the ESMF interfaces. For documentation corresponding to the last public release, see the Users tab on the ESMF website. For documentation of all releases, including internal releases and previous public releases, click the Download tab on the website and then View All Releases.

1.3 Acknowledgments

Sections of this document were derived from the GFDL Flexible Modeling System Developers' Manual [#!FMSdevguide!#] and the now-defunct Community Climate System Model Software Developer's Guide [#!CCSMdevguide!#]. These have been adapted with the permission of the respective authors.