Earth System Modeling Framework

ESMF Trunk NUOPC Test Results

The following table gives the latest test results from the various platform/compiler and specific tests combinations .
The table cells are color coded according to the test results.
To view the full test report for any day, click on the square for that day.
In addition, hover over the test name to view comments on any issues related to that platform/compiler combination.
Clicking on the test name will take you to the platform's home page.

The ESMF Trunk regression test results are available here.

The ESMF_8_0_1branch regression test results are available here.

The ESMF Mbmesh Redist branch regression test results are available here.

No report is available at this time.
The test ran with no errors.
The test ran with no errors, but failed one or more benchmark tests.
The ESMF libraries failed to build.
The ESMF libraries build successfully but the installation or one or more tests or examples failed.
The test script did not run to completion because the script timed out.
The test script was unable to check out the code from sourceforge.
The script was unable to determine the test results.
The number in each cell indicates the number of test failures.

Updated: Wed Aug 12 10:37:50 MDT 2020

NUOPC Test Results

Test 08/04 08/05 08/06 08/07 08/08 08/09 08/10
0 0 0 0 0 0 0