class esmpy.api.constants.ExtrapMethod(value, names=None, module=None, type=None, start=1)

Specify which extrapolation method to use on unmapped destination points after regridding.

NONE = <ExtrapMethod.NONE: 0>

Indicates that no extrapolation should be done.


Nearest source to destination. Here each destination point is mapped to the closest source point. A given source point may go to multiple destination points, but no destination point will receive input from more than one source point.


Inverse distance weighted average. Here the value of a destination point is the weighted average of the closest N source points. The weight is the reciprocal of the distance of the source point from the destination point raised to a power P. All the weights contributing to one destination point are normalized so that they sum to 1.0. The user can choose N and P when using this method, but defaults are also provided.

CREEP_FILL = <ExtrapMethod.CREEP_FILL: 3>

Creep fill extrapolation. Here unmapped destination points are filled by repeatedly moving data from mapped locations to neighboring unmapped locations. The data filled into a new location is the average of its already filled neighbors’ values. This process is repeated for a user specified number of levels (e.g. in Regrid() this is specified via the extrap_num_levels parameter). This extrapolation method is not supported with conservative regrid methods.