Earth System Modeling Framework

ESMF Reference Manual for C  

Version 8.6.2 beta snapshot

ESMF Joint Specification Team: V. Balaji, Byron Boville, Samson Cheung, Tom Clune, Nancy Collins, Tony Craig, Carlos Cruz, Arlindo da Silva, Cecelia DeLuca, Rosalinda de Fainchtein, Rocky Dunlap, Brian Eaton, Steve Goldhaber, Bob Hallberg, Tom Henderson, Chris Hill, Mark Iredell, Joseph Jacob, Rob Jacob, Phil Jones, Brian Kauffman, Erik Kluzek, Ben Koziol, Jay Larson, Peggy Li, Fei Liu, John Michalakes, Raffaele Montuoro, Sylvia Murphy, David Neckels, Ryan O Kuinghttons, Bob Oehmke, Chuck Panaccione, Daniel Rosen, Jim Rosinski, Mathew Rothstein, Bill Sacks, Kathy Saint, Will Sawyer, Earl Schwab, Shepard Smithline, Walter Spector, Don Stark, Max Suarez, Spencer Swift, Gerhard Theurich, Atanas Trayanov, Silverio Vasquez, Jon Wolfe, Weiyu Yang, Mike Young, Leonid Zaslavsky

June 4, 2024


The ESMF software is based on the contributions of a broad community. Below are the software packages that are included in ESMF or strongly influenced our design. We'd like to express our gratitude to the developers of these codes for access to their software as well as their ideas and advice.