Earth System Modeling Framework

How to contribute code

ESMF is an open source project, and contributions from the community are welcome. To discuss a contribution please contact the Core Team via the mailing list. One of the first things to determine is if the contribution will be a drop contribution or an assimilated contribution.

Drop contributions are unmonitored, publicly available, and unsupported contributions made by the community at large to the ESMF Community Contributions Repository. These contributions are not integrated into or distributed with the ESMF source code. The Core Team needs to grant developer permissions to check into the contributions repository, but does not review codes or monitor updates there.

Assimilated contributions are integrated into the ESMF source code and distributed with the framework. These contributions must satisfy all ESMF conventions and standards including interfaces, documentation, degree of portability, error handling etc. All standards and conventions are documented in the ESMF Developer's Guide (Download PDF). Code proposals are normally made during weekly JST telecons. To discuss your contribution or schedule a telecon, please send an email to